Should Legal Driving Age Be Raised to 18?

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Should The Legal Driving Age Be Raised? Most accidents today are caused by young teenage drivers. Most 16 year olds can’t wait to get a license and get behind the wheel of an automobile, that’s exactly how I was also. I'm interested in this matter because of curious reasons as far as what other people think, an how they feel about the legal driving age today. It's a pretty common discussion among just about everybody, mostly teenagers. Although most teenagers are going to be against the idea because they haven’t drove yet and are anxious, most adults would like to see different actions taken on young drivers. Should the legal driving age be raised to 18? The main reason most people think the age should be raised is that it would reduce automobile accidents and fatalities. Accidents are caused by multi-tasking, Teens are easily distracted while driving by cell phones, the radio or even something simple as a friend talking to you. Which results in the poor choices in decision making and risky behaviors of youngsters behind the wheel, that will cause them to evaluate risk incorrectly. At the age of 16 years old students don’t have the mind capacity to drive and make responsible decisions. Although some young teenage drivers can drive responsibly and safely the roads will be a lot safer with a higher minimum driving age. Most teens at least 18 years old will have had more opportunities to learn an actually benefit from experience. Legal adults are held responsible and liable for their own behaviors; it’s likely that more mature drivers will show better judgment while driving instead of exposing themselves to injuries, legal damages and financial issues. Allowing 16 year olds a couple more years will help them gain maturity an better decision making. The higher driving age would also result in less traffic and possibly lower insurance rates. Every state is going to

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