Dangers Of Drunk Driving

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| The Dangers of Drunk Driving Did you know that when you drive under the influence the likelihood of getting into an accident is 1.4 times more probable than if you did not? The Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 60 percent of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol related. Teens often abuse the power of alcohol resulting in a dangerous situation like DUI. The dangers of drinking and driving can ruin your life forever and can result in fatal crashes where you or others can be killed. Drunk driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Because a person’s motor skills are impaired while drunk, driving under the influence is a major threat to public safety and is a criminal offense in most countries. (3 100) A number of suggestions have been made to combat drunk driving, including reducing the number of underage drinkers, imposing restrictions on licenses to keep drinkers off the roads and increasing the use of sobriety checkpoints. The current legal limit for drunk driving is 0.08 BAC which some people feel does not go far enough. Many advocates support tougher penalties for DUI and are in favor for a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. Others feel that the current laws are adequate and strict enough. A 120-lb woman can reach 0.08 after two 6-ounce glasses of wine over a 2 hour period. If this woman gets behind the wheel of a car she would be considered legally drunk. No law can prevent her from having an accident and possibly killing herself or someone else. Underage drinking use is widespread in the U.S. The greatest risk for underage drinking is when that young person decides to get into a vehicle. Six thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight people aged from 15 to 20 were involved in fatal crashes in 2003. Twenty nine percent of these drivers in this age group
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