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Kimberley Fudge Revision of my Dui Paper Professor Davenport English 215 June 4, 2013 Could you live with being responsible for a death? Drunk driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle (car, bus, truck, moped etc) after consuming alcohol. In 2003 42, 643 fatalities were caused by vehicle crashes, out of those 17,013 (40%) were alcohol related. A crash is considered alcohol related if any driver, pedestrian or passenger involved has any trace of alcohol or there is a suspicion of alcohol usage. Unfortunately intoxicated victims of crashes sustain worse injuries and are more likely to be seriously injured than the sober victims according to a study by the University of Michigan. Several factors may also influence the risk…show more content…
Drivers are arrested daily, some being first time offenders while many are repeat offenders. Although laws differ from state to state here is a typical routine facing repeat offenders “Getting an attorney in hopes of getting a reduced a reduced sentence or pleading to a reduced charge is a waste of time and money in many states. The penalties that the judge must impose are mandated by state law. In some states even first offenders may be facing license suspensions and a weekend in jail” is quite lenient in my opinion. “Many states have passed a Habitual violator law, which provide felony penalties for three Dui convictions. These offenders may lose many of their rights like being able to vote or own a weapon, as well as their drivers’ license permanently or for many, many years” These laws are not acceptable in my opinion and need to be changed especially being a repeat or habitual…show more content…
This problem originally started when laws came into place that states a person does not have to be seen driving the vehicle, but with the probable cause law if law enforcement arrives and the person is in the vehicle, they can be charged with Dui. This law really need to be re-evaluated because there are some people that are being charged with Dui and losing their jobs and families behind this law. For example, “In Texas, in order for a police officer to make a warrantless DWI arrest, the police must establish that probable cause existed to justify your arrest. Under Texas case law, probable cause exists “when the facts and circumstances within an officer’s personal knowledge and of which he has reasonably trustworthy are sufficient to warrant a person of reasonable caution in the belief that, more likely than not,” a citizen has committed a crime. In other words, probable cause exists if the officer is able to articulate facts indicating that YOU have or are committing a certain

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