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Zach White English-0 Satirical Essay In America there's a lot of problems with kids and under age drinking. A lot of young children die in drunk driving accidents every year, so finding a solution to this problem can save many lives. The reason all this is a problem is because teenagers tend to think there invincible and can drive under the influence but really they have no idea what there getting themselves into. Most kids miss judge the amount of alcohol they've consumed and when they get behind the wheel think there okay but in reality there way over the legal of drinking. I found there's only one solution to this problem. We need to make every kid that is caught sit down and drink to a point of sickness, but not that they have…show more content…
The second reason being it would stop most kids from at least drinking and driving which is the main concern here. Also that depending on the cops sense of humor it would be hilarious to watch a bunch of people yak it everywhere, but that's just a personal opinion. I think this solution could have a lot of humor behind it and if it does make the officers laugh, relieve them from stress of other problems they might be having on the job. In the real life the situation is being solved by cops getting more ways to get the right to invade your privacy. There's all kinds of ways for them to trick you or get around certain situations so that they can bust you for drinking. Most of time officers aren't allowed to enter a house unless a doors open or the owner of the house lets them in. To stop the drinking and driving the cops are more strict and will take you to jail if your under the influence while driving. I think if the drinking age was lowered the problems with under age drinking would not be nearly as high as they are now because of the age being 21. This solution could help solve the problems to stopping drinking and under age kids driving under the influence. If we made kids drink until they threw up it could stop a lot of these
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