Raise the Driving Age

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Raise the driving age Do you know that statistics show that car wrecks are the top killer of teenagers? The mininum driving age should be raised to 17 everywhere because too many teens are killed in car accidents, they are not responsble, and they abuse their driving privileges. Too many teens are killed in car accidents. Young teenagers are always pileing their friends in the car with them. The risk of a teen getting into a wreck increases by 44 percent with one teenage passenger and quadruples with 3 or more passengers. When teens get into crashes they are not only putting themselves at risk of injury but also other innocent drivers. Many teenagers are not careful while driving and that is why the number of teens killed in car wrecks are so high. Young teenagers are most of the time not very responsble. They do not pay attention as much as an older driver would and that can cause many crashes. Teens also tend to go to parties and then drive home or try to drive home and get into and accident. They are not responsble enough to not get in the car and not drive while under the influence. Another reason why teens are not responble enough is they can barly even get a job at 15 or 16, why would they be old enough to drive and put others at risk? Most teens abuse their privilege to drive. They think that just because they can drive themselves that they can take the vehicle and go where ever they want when ever they want. They stay out later thanthey are allowed to because they are their own ride and do not have to relay on anyone else to take them home. Teens are not mature and dont understand that those things are not acceptble. In conclusion teens are not suitable to drive at 15 and 16. Too many teens are killed in car wrecks, they are not responsble enough, and they abuse their

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