The Dangers of Texting and Driving

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Hello, my name is Ethan Thompson. I’m here to warn you about the dangers of texting while driving. You’re sitting on the highway in traffic and your cellphone signals a message received. Hearing the recognizable text message tone may make you think, “Maybe it’s my friend telling me about the update on the party tonight, or my mother; what if something is wrong?” It doesn’t look like traffic is going to be moving anytime soon, and knowing that it would only take a minute to respond, you decide to text. Before you know it the car in front of you stops short and you’re in an accident. What if you were involved in an accident that was caused by someone who was texting while driving? How would you feel? What if you were seriously injured? According to estimates from the National Safety Council quoted in Current Health Teens, nearly 28% of all vehicle crashes, or about 1.6 million each year, can be linked to talking on the cellphone or texting while driving. Texting while driving affects millions of people each year. Texting while driving doesn’t affect only you, it may affect people who are on the road with you while you’re driving. It may also cause many dangers, but there are also ways you can prevent texting while driving. When texting while driving, the slightest distraction can change your life completely. Think about being injured in an accident you caused by texting while driving. What happens if the person or people in the car you hit died? How would you feel? If you survived the accident you would have to live with the pain of knowing you hurt someone. It may cause severe bodily injury, or maybe even death. It doesn’t affect only you, though; it will also affect your family and friends. If you died, imagine the pain you would cause your family because you felt the need to read or respond to a text that could wait. They would have to live with the pain of
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