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The college experience is a transition from youth to adulthood. It presents challenges but then yet many opportunities. You will hear many stories from different people who are currently in college or who have already completed the college experience. There will be people with nothing but positive things to say and others that will just simply be pessimistic regarding the college experience. The social atmosphere that goes through college is slightly different from anything else going around in your world. There are thousands of colleges around the world that have different reputations such as “Party” schools and others that are stricter. Some colleges have more of that school spirited vibe and require students to support their school by attending games and matches. I believe one difficult thing you will have to face during this process is the mixing together of people from so many different backgrounds especially if you come from a charter school or a small populated town. As well as “The making new friends” challenge. I mean why bother making new friends if you are going to lose them each year? But in the other hand, you should expect (and accept) the diversity of people. What to expect from college is not really something to specific. For example, many of us weren’t really use to studying during high school, mainly because it was so unchallenging. But through college you are going to have to make some changes in your life. You are going to take those classes that require memorizing long formulas and theories, and that will take more of your time. During the process of college you are going to have to learn how to take care of yourself regardless of your parent’s being there for you or not. Responsibility will play a big role during this time of your life. There are many factors when it comes to taking care of oneself. But I believe that one of the major

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