Mandatory School Uniforms

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Ralph Lauren, one of the most well-known clothing designers, has taken over the fashion industry. The famous stitched label of a jockey riding a horse with a standard polo stick in hand is the new face of wealth. Normally this brand would be for the affluent customer it has now transferred over to the younger generation. Due to the extremely high cost of this brand of clothing (shirts average cost is $79.99), many parents of school-aged children are now interested in inexpensive clothing. The school uniform debate was first highlighted in 1996 in President Clinton’s speech in which he stated that more schools should transfer to uniforms to help prevent violence among teenage children over fancy designer labels such as Ralph Lauren. Therefore school uniforms should be mandatory in all grade levels because they improve student behavior, improve academic performance, and remove economic stigmas between the classes. School uniforms are now more widely used today than in past years. Adopting a dress code requires the involvement of parents, teachers, school board members, and the public to ensure the policy is well-written. Many schools believe that having a structured learning environment contributes to how pupils behave. Generally, students who attend school with dress codes tend to have better attendance rates, high test scores, and excellent mannerisms. Students who do not have dress codes tend to have low attendance rates, lower scores, and no manners. Wearing uniforms in school helps to prevent pupils from acting up. Some teachers state that children who have good behavior skills are the key to success. Next, student academic performance has steadily increased during the last couple of years. When students do not have to worry about what everyone is wearing they have time to focus on studies. It is well known that students who get enough rest, eat
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