Importance Of Plan-Do Review Process

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The plan-do-review process is the most important segment of the daily routine in which children make choices about what they will do, carry out their ideas and plans while playing in the different areas of the classroom, and reflect upon their activities and experiences with adults and other children. This cycle aims to help play become meaningful. The plan-do-review process fosters children’s development of initiative, reflection, problem solving, responsibility, and they can see themselves as individuals who can act on decisions. Children experience the power of independence and are conscious of their intentions which support the development of purpose and confidence. At planning time, teachers create opportunities for children to choose activities, materials and people whom to interact with, adults and other children. All the areas and materials of the classroom are available and children are encouraged by teachers to think and reflect about their intentions and interests which foster their capacity to think in alternatives and make decisions about what they want to do while playing in the learning areas. Choice promotes children's ability to think about alternatives, make decisions,…show more content…
According to Carlina Rinaldi (2006), to listen is to be open to others and to what they have to say, is to consider others as subjects that contribute to shared research that each person develops about the meaning of everyday experiences. Listening requires an in-depth understanding of events, situations, ideas, and is free of judgment and prejudices. Listening is a reciprocal process that involves the listener and the one that communicates, recognizes the right to participation of children, teachers and parents, legitimizing their theories and interpretations of the surrounding world (Lino,

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