Child Observation Paper

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Observing children was very interesting experience. It was important to understand how different children view concepts than adult. I observed a Pre-K class in la petite academy on July 02, 2010 and that observation was rewarding experience because I could see different behavior and reaction of children and how each person reacts differently to certain behaviors. According to Eggen and Kauchak, “students get a feeling about whether or not their classroom is a desirable place to learn.” Children were safe and secured this was shown by their way to express themselves and self-esteem. A strong sense of attachment and belonging was shown in that Pre-K class between the teacher Miss Samantha and her children. Attachment theory made a strong relation between teacher and her children this made grasping information and learning much easier and controlled. It also increased the communication between teacher students and student with each other’s. Attachment theory was known as the Lasting psychological connectedness between human being (Bowlby, 1969, p. 194). The sense of belonging to that place made children behavioral observation more interest. The children weren’t wearing uniform; every child was free to express himself. Their cloths were tidy, clean, and elegant. The teacher understood the material she was explaining and knew her students strengths, interests, and needs. The class was so active and busy that made observing behavior harder and more interesting. Students were helping the teacher in discovering the lesson they were all curious about the new story and answering all the teacher questions so they can discover the new story or topic they would learn that day. According to Piaget a child builds up schemes, mental maps, or concepts when he understand and respond to the environment around him. The children were seated on a semicircular line ready

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