Tda 2.9 1.1

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TDA 2.9 1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. Behaviour In my setting it is there priority to build the self esteem and confidence of all the children which is the aim of this policy. Teach the children to accept responsibility for their actions, consequences and its effects of their behaviour on others To encourage the children, to make good responsible choices, respect themselves, others, the environment of the school and the wider community. To understand what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and what to do if there is an issue. The school staff, volunteer, and pupils adhere to school policy, for the safeguarding of children and the benefit of the school to ensure a calm, purposeful happy environment for all which are: Children to follow the simple behaviour plan, (Be respectful to each other and the environment around me, be nice and treat each other fairly, Work hard and achieve to the best of their ability) Children and teachers Set agreed ground rules for each class with incentives and sanctions which can be clearly understood by all. Staffs are taught to identify underlying causes of bad behaviour, and how to manage it consistently with the support of ongoing training. Individual Targets setting is developed for positive behaviour which is supported and monitored by the school, parent and pupils Ongoing difficult behaviour issues to be referred to the SENCO, Educational Psychologist, Education social Welfare where a individual programme which will be taught to promote positive behaviour. Physical intervention by use of physical restraints can be used to stop children injury themselves, others or property when all other strategies have proved ineffective. This is then recorded and reported Code of Conduct Everyone is to respect each other, to
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