Unit 203 Outcome 1.1

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1.1) In my setting, establishing a respectable, professional relationship with the children is very important, as it will give you the attention and respect you require, when you require it. There are important skills you need to be able to build this relationship. Patience is a key skill needed when working with children. Some children can work at slower levels than other children, which may lead them to become frustrated with themselves or the situation. If the child is attempting to explain their work to you, then you must take your time in listening to them because if you begin to interrupt, then this may cause the child to become aggravated and frustrated. Learn to be patient and listen to them until they have finished telling you what they want to tell you. Another important attribute is always give a smile when you see a child. If you show the child that you are friendly and approachable, then you will instantly create a good relationship with the child, which can then be built on. If you appear angry and unfriendly, then the child will try to avoid any contact with you or will just stay quiet when you ask them a question. Linked into this attribute would be humour. Children love laughter and it can also help increase their attention span during lessons, as the children will be concentrating on what you say, just in case you say something funny. Building a good relationship with the children also has a serious side as they will begin to feel comfortable coming to you if they have any problems. It could be from issues with their school work, to something more serious and personal. In situations like this, you must be able to empathise with the child. Show them that you understand their issue by repeating what they have told you and ask them what they would like you to do. This will allow the child to tell you what they would like to happen, therefore building a
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