Communication Units for Level 3 Diploma in Support and Teaching

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COMMUNICATION UNITS UNIT 1–COMMUNICATION AND PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE &ADULTS UNIT 7-DEVELOP PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHILDREN,YOUNG PEOPLE & ADULTS Why is effective communication so important when developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults? (1 1.1) Effective communication is important especially with children as they need to learn how to communicate themselves. We should always be aware OS what we are saying to children at times of stress. Lack of communication can cause serious misunderstanding between each other, which can lead to bad feeling. We are more likely to communicate with each other if we have positive relationships. Explain the range of effective techniques and skills that are used when building positive relationships with children, young people and adults (1 1.2, 2 2.1). You should always make eye contact when listening, if someone is talking to you but you are looking elsewhere they will think you are not interested in what they are saying. Also when speaking to children you should always kneel down to their level and react in a positive way to what they are saying. You should always be direct and clear about what you are saying to the child, you could get them to repeat what you have said to them back to you so you know they are clear of what you have said. It is important to encourage them to ask questions and are able to offer their suggestions, for example at my workplace if I read a story to the children I would ask questions like “How do you think the characters felt in the story”. 3. Explain how different social,professional and cultural contexts may affect relationships and the way people communicate. (1 1.3) Lack of understanding of one another's background and culture is a major factor as there are some certain behaviours that
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