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Major life events During our life we are influenced by a range of life factors and we are also influenced by the events which happen to us. Some major changes in life can be predicted and even chosen, while others may be unpredicted. If your life suddenly changes there is always the risk that you will feel out of control and stressed. If you have chosen to leave home marry or retire you may feel in control of these major events. The idea of a predictable and unpredictable life events involves generalisation. For some people issues like divorce or redundancy may be predictable, but other people may not have expected to be divorced or lose their job. Predictable life changes One event that is often predicted is when our children start school/nursery. There will be positive learning from this experience as the child will then learn to socialise with other children and make new friendships with them. The child will learn to share toys and develop a better vocabulary by listening to others talking. There is also a risk of stress by the child feeling unsafe this can lead to them isolating themselves from the group and not trying to mix with others, this can be hard as they won’t have their parents or career there for support. Another predictable life event is when we leave home/leaving care. The positive learning that they will get from this will be a sense of independence and maturity. They will have to learn to make their own decisions and be responsible for more house work such as cleaning, shopping and general house duties. Stress can come with this as they may not be able to cope in a new home on their own as they may be used to having everything done for them. Unpredictable life changes An event that is unpredictabable is the birth of a sibling. The positive effects of this would be that if there are any other children in the family they can learn how to

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