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Unit Number: SHC 31 (051) 1. Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting. 1.1: Identify the different reasons people communicate: Staff - Children: Communicating is a good way to try and help prevent a child from feeling alone and isolated. Understanding the needs of the child, so they can tell you what they need and what they want. The child may have hurt themselves and by communicating with the nursery staff they can get the help that they need. They also need to be able to communicate with you if they are having any trouble at home or even at the nursery with other children or other members of staff, so that you can try your best to help them solve these issues or atleast get them the help and support that they may need. Communication is also very important as it is a form of learning this could be helping the child understand the difference between right and wrong and the helping them gain the educational knowledge that they should be recieving while they are in your care in an nursery. Staff - Staff: Members of staff communicate with each other so that the day to day running of the nursery goes to plan, it is important to talk to each other so that you can pass important imformation about the children to all the staff in the room that need to know ie: if a child is sick and has medicine that they need to be taking or if a child has any dietry requirements etc. They also should inform eachother of any falls or accidents that the child may have had so that if you are on your break or have finished your shift then atleast the handover to the childs parent or gaurdian can be as informed as possible so that anyone in the room can tell parents if their child had a fall and what happened not just say "i do not know i was not there when it happened but i think that they may have fallen etc" this makes the whole room look
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