2.1 Explain Different Types Of Relationships In Children

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1. Secure relationships. This is the strongest type of attachment. A child in this category feels he can depend on his parent or provider. He knows that person will be there when he needs support. He knows what to expect. • The secure child usually plays well with other children his age. • He may cry when his mother leaves. He will usually settle down if a friendly adult is there to comfort him. • When parents pick him up from childcare, he is usually very happy to see them. • He may have a hard time leaving childcare, though. This can be confusing if the child was upset when the parents left at the beginning of the day. It does not mean that the child is not happy to see the parents. 2. Avoidant relationships. This is one category of attachment that is not secure. Avoidant children have learned that depending on parents won’t…show more content…
Disorganized relationships. Disorganized children don’t know what to expect from their parents. Children with relationships in the other categories have organized attachments. This means that they have all learned ways to get what they need, even if it is not the best way. This happens because a child learns to predict how his parent will react, whether it is positive or negative. They also learn that doing certain things will make their parents do certain things. • Disorganized children will do things that seem to make no sense. • Sometimes these children will speak really fast and will be hard to understand. • Very young children might freeze in their footsteps for no apparent reason. • Most disorganized children have a hard time understanding the feelings of other children. • Disorganized children who are playing with dolls might act out scenes that are confusing and scary. • Disorganized children may be very hard to understand. They may seem very different from day to day. WAYS TO STRENGTHEN THE RELATIONSHIP 1. Say I Love
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