Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour

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TDA 2.9 Support children and young peoples positive behavior 1.1. In our nursery we have a behavior policy on promoting positive behavior; it has the guidelines/code of conduct we use to promote positive behavior. The aims of the behavior policy is to create a consistent environment that expects, encourages and recognizes good behavior and one in which everyone feels happy and safe. The behavior policy is the main policy on promoting positive behavior in the nursery and we should all be aware of the policies as part of our ongoing professional development so that we can manage children’s behavior in a consistent way. The policy sets the boundaries of behavior expected from the children and also the behavior expected from staff. It sets out how we should reward the children and sanction them e.g. my nursery rewards potty training with stickers and other good behavior with verbal praise, if a child is behaving inappropriately then we explain to them firmly that the behavior is not acceptable and we suggest the correct behavior that they should be displaying and if the behavior carries on then we put them in thinking time or take them away from an activity. We encourage the children to resolve conflicts by sharing or negotiating with each other. It also has the anti-bullying policy in it and how we should handle situations and explains what inappropriate behavior is. I think that the benefit of encouraging and rewarding positive behavior through praising is that the children learn good behavior from bad behavior and I tend to see more of the same positive behavior reoccurring when I reward it. When children know that there are boundaries set it makes them feel secure and helps provide children with a safe and secure environment, thereby promoting good mental health. The nursery has golden rules * Show respect for others, considering their rights to

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