Flunking Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Many young adults struggle through school, graduate and enter the real world lost, helpless and years behind. It’s so easy to blame these irresponsible kids, but who’s really to blame? Wait, how could it not be they’re fault? You’re just playing the blame game. Wrong! I will tell you why are education system is flawed, why flunking is not a punishment and other options that we could introduce to young struggling students. The American education system is known as one of the best in the world, but just like many great things, flaws are eminent. Year in and year out, students get passed through school prematurely. Many of these kids think they’re on the right track because they pass classes and are moved along with the rest of the class. These kids lack reading, math and other important knowledge they will need after high…show more content…
We have age limits and restriction on many things, but why does are education system expect these young kids to make the right choices, ask for help and develop good study habits on their own. Our education system needs a new approach to resolve these issues. Teachers and parents need to be held responsible, for how well these kids do in school. We need come up with a new plan so these students aren’t left lost and helpless. Flunking students can be used as a positive tool by our education system. The consequence of flunking and holding students back alone can be used to motivate and encourage students to put full effort into class work. Most students fear flunking only because they’re afraid of what friends, peers and society will say or think about them; this is all wrong, the real fear should be failing and not being
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