Exemplification Essay: Is America Lowering Its Standards?

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Is America Lowering its Standards? As most individuals think of America’s past as a prosperous time, our modern society of today then clashes with the idea of “Striving”. Thus saying, our standards of society have lowered since our once endeavoring nation. Many people feel that America is still a prosperous nation, and we still feel superior when it comes to our “intelligence.” However, the adolescent generation in America today viewpoints decreased from individuals from years before. Today great knowledge is lacking and learning is based upon parties, cliques, and the use of illegal substances. Rather than gaining that perfect score, students are wasting their valuable time on meaningless tasks. Ask any student or any adolescent out of high school what their greatest accomplishments were in school, and you will receive a puzzling answer. The most common answer would be conquering high school, and gaining their ideal GPA, unfortunately that answer was from the past generation. Our generation’s answer is sadly quite the antithesis. As a student currently attending high school, students’ priorities our quite low when it comes to the overall progress in school, but high when it relates to the social spotlight. Can you blame us though? Has the latter generation of adults ever actually considered the types of role models developing minds look…show more content…
Unlike our American culture, societies in other nations constantly raise the social standard of success and intelligence. When it came to role models, America used to be number one; today that is not the case. We have countries surpassing us so far in technology and intelligence that honestly, it is quite embarrassing. We barley make our own goods, thus further raising our dependence on other prospering nations. As for furthering success in America, it starts with lowering our dependence rate and raising our independence to sustain success on its

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