The Prisoner's Dilemma and the Student Dilemma

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Any two- party relationship implies a prisoner’s dilemma. The relationship may include student- student, employer- employee, and producer- consumer occurring through the daily life. It has two results: either cooperation or defection which depends on how each partner reacts to each other. For example, employer and employee relationship. The employer offers a sacrifice to trust employee with money, with confidential information and clients. Moreover, the employee still offers a sacrifice to give up the opportunity to work for somebody else. However, the employer takes a risk since the employee may leave after being trained, but before producing for employer. Another example is student dilemma: work more, get less free money. They work hard to make money for school, but their extra income may cost them financial aid amounts. Finally, the students who get the financial aid are also offered work- study while others do not have anything. Cheating is also considered as student dilemma. It is true that some students study hard while others are lazy, but all students expect good grades. These lazy students try to get ahead of others by cheating which breaks the trust factor and creates cracks in the relationships. Student dilemma is just a part of prisoner’s dilemma which applies to many fields of life such as business, love, and politics. For example, relationship between lovers. One who makes a sacrifice for his or her lover may receive a defection which is dishonesty or infidelity. One of them has to raise their children alone while another marries someone

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