Can Students Learn Critique

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Can Students Learn Critique The article “Can Students Learn to Learn?” focuses on why some students perform better in school than others. There are many different reasons because all students vary but some of the main factors relate to the need for students to have metacognition. Metacognition is being able to understand why we learn the way we learn. A student with metacognition may realize after a disappointing test that they didn’t study hard enough and need to devote more time to academics; but a student without metacognition may just blame the professor. I find this argument logical because by understanding the way we learn we can perform better in school. The author was clear on why students need to operate using metacognition and that school should emphasis on study skills more by doing exercise. The author provided multiple examples of exercise and surveys professors did to work on metacognition and their results. Out of the authors examples of exercise I felt that the survey done by David R. Thomas was an effective one. Even though through the survey he didn’t see a significant change the discussions about study habits allowed students to realize how much other people usually study and they different ways people study that may be more effective. Further, I feel an emphasis on studying should be added into school. I know I personally need to improve on studying and I believe directly connecting a disappointing grade to how much I study directly after will help me and other students make adjustments in our study habits. Even though some professors worry that any emphasis on study skills will come at the expense of content but the exercises are in short periods of time. Students can learn to learn using metacognition that will help students improve the way they learn and overall performance in
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