Understanding the Needs of Your Learners

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Task 1 – An initial understanding to the needs of your learners. Evaluate different methods if initial, diagnostic assessment that you might use with your learners. Which services are available for learners who need extra help & support? Initial assessments are used to measure student’s levels and skills. The results of these assessments are used to plan the support needed for individuals. This is essential for you as a tutor as you can plan future learning and assessment, and make sure you are not disadvantaging learners by placing them on courses that they are not able to achieve. Computerised Initial Assessments can provide mixed results, although it is explained that it is not a test, some students are obviously intimidated and find the whole process quite daunting. I have noticed this particularly in more mature learners as it is often assumed that people are now IT literate, and this might not be the case. Some student’s do not taking the process seriously, this is usually when they are with their peers and unfortunately this can skew the results. On a positive note the student get instant results & this can reassure them that they are undertaking the right levels within their chosen pathways. Services available to students include; Student Services, Student Union, Dyslexia Support, Accommodation Support, Counselling Services, Connexions, Next Step, Equality & Diversity Support and Transport to name but a few. Word count 194 Evaluate ways of planning, negotiating and recording appropriate learning An individual learning plan ILP or Study Plus which we use at Cornwall College is initially completed on an individual basis with students and tutors. It takes into consideration strengths and weaknesses of the individual and it is a working document which is used during every lesson to monitor and evaluate learning. This document encourages students and a
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