Failure Is a Better Teacher Than Success

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Many people have a false impression that failure is a bad thing. Society looks down on people who fail. Most people learn better from failure than from success, and people learn to cherish it much more. Failure teaches us that we’re not perfect people, and achievements are reached with determination and hard work. If expectation does not meet for us, the mistakes only motivate us to work even harder. There are numerous lessons learned from life that come from the mistakes we have made, and the knowledge gained from those mistakes. To begin with, failures from elementary to high school have taught others to achieve greater goals in life. During freshmen year in high school, kids usually don’t pay too much attention in class. However, when they received their grades, they can either improve or ignore it. Bad grades motivate students to improve, and do their best as a student. Later on, students do improve their grades if they choose not to ignore it. Those who starts music late and their reading skills develop a little slow. When a person starts learning the piano late, they often feel slow and unaccomplished. Many parents teach their kids how to play piano at a young age. Nevertheless, learning early does not guarantee any piano skills. While those who started ahead may improve faster, but eventually, others will catch up. If a piano is practiced every day, skills and technique will improve. Later, they might even play the piano for the church. Failure determines us to improve and challenge ourselves. Another key point is that everyone has failed at one point or another. It is easy to get all consumed in our failures. When people noticed a behavior that irritated others, and in order not to conflict on them, they started changing their ways. Self-improvements help strengthen failure before all hopes are lost. People who take sports for the first time may not
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