Against School Uniforms

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Implementation of School Uniforms School uniforms has been a constant debate for a while now. Many schools throughout the United States have began implementing a school uniform policy, forcing students to wear a uniform everyday to attend that school. Typically, private schools have been the only ones who have implemented mandatory uniform policies, but recently more and more public schools have been adopting the policy. While uniforms may have certain advantages, they still remain an unproven deterrent to safety issues, inhibit individuality of students, as well as affect parents when it comes to the issue of expenses. When a child begins school, they typically begin to start distinguishing themselves from one another. Students begin to develop their own sense of style, desperately trying to both fit in and stand out simultaneously. Implementing school uniforms will inhibit the children’s way to express themselves, thus making children find other ways to put across who they are. Uniforms may even push students to use more makeup earlier, wear more accessories with their outfits, or even dye their hair earlier. Even besides the fact of students finding other ways to express themselves with their physical experience, students may even feel they have to act out just to stand out from others. Self expression is important for development, and forcing students to wear uniforms is teach them to conform to standards they do not agree with. Children are our future actresses, writers, etcetera. We do not want to teach them to conform and be like everyone else and hold their creativity inside. The issue of expenses also brings up a major disadvantage of the implementation school uniforms. Not all families have the money to buy their children new clothes for school every year. A lot of kids wear hand-me-downs, and since uniforms are a new policy, parents wont have the

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