Are Sports To Important In The United States?

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Sports are traditional held in most high school in the United States. For this reason, participating in sports has become a common in most people’s life at one time in their lives. The problem that is occurring or might occur is if sports become too influential in the society we live in today, and take away from the other benefits of life. The problems that occur due to excessive amount of sports influence including anywhere from the effect upon grades in high school, to the pressure from parents to excel in class as well as be a good athletic in your sport, pressure from peers to do good in sports, and the limited amount of personal time available after a sport. I have had personal experience with the problems that occur when sports are in season. As a high school student I participated in many sports, varying from: Football (fall), Tennis (spring), Basketball (winter), Track and Field (spring). Practice for each sport was different but they were all exhausting. The practices would result in me falling asleep when I get home, because of the amount or level of tiredness. Sports were important at my high school, so athletics were very popular. In particular, Football was the most popular sport in the school that bought out the most people. My friends would talk me into tryout for sports they participated in. While in sports you will have to make difficult choices. As an incoming freshman in high school I never had a season where I did not participate in sports. I was constantly, in a sport every season in high school. A story about my experiences talks about how during a basketball season I had to choose between during working on math homework and studying or stay after practice and working on my jump shoot. Proceeding with that example is when I had track and field regional events. I would have to miss a whole day of school and would leave, early in the morning
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