Literacy Autobiography: Playing Sports, Socializing With Friends, And Work

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Literacy Autobiography Playing sports, socializing with friends, and working – All reasons why I am an alliterate reader and writer. I never realized the importance of paying attention in school to learn to read and write properly when I was younger. Although I graduated from high school and have a diploma, the lack of initiative and motivation in school has led me to be an alliterate reader and writer today. While in high school, playing sports was more important then learning how to read and write properly. Socializing with friends and going out to have fun was another reason why I did not learn how to write proficiently. While in high school, I worked two jobs that consumed most of my time. My past focus on playing sports, socializing with friends, and working, instead of focusing on reading and writing, has caused me to have problems writing today. First, one of the reasons I am aliterate is because of playing sports. Playing sports in school took up time for practices and games that took away from learning and school work. Playing sports involved many time consuming activities such as, everyday practice lasted till 5pm and twice a week we had games.…show more content…
While I was in school, I was working two jobs that were both very time consuming. I worked both nights and weekends and it was more than one student could handle at a time or would want to handle. Working all the time in school left little time to work on school assignments and study time. After working long hours I spent my time sleeping instead of doing homework, and this led to my lack of experience in writing and reading. I would fall asleep in class because I was so tired. Then I could not finish homework because I had no idea of how to finish the assignment. Finally, working while in school and not doing homework assignments was another major factor in my becoming an alliterate

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