Why Homework Should Be Banned

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Homework Needs To Be Abolished Want your life to get a little bit easier? Homework is too much of a pointless hassle, and it needs to be abolished. Students are way too busy, too stressed out, and it takes up too much time. I say students are way too busy to do homework. With extracurricular activities, friends and family, homework is just a huge hassle too deal with. For example, last semester I was involved in my school play. I was also a part of the high school swim team. At school, the play and other classes took up a lot of my time and energy during the school day. And after school, I would go to swimming practice which lasted until about five thirty. Then I eat dinner and help clean it up. After that, I had to practice piano and flute. By this time it’s about seven and I’m exhausted! I am too tired to think but I still have piles of homework that could have just not been assigned. Having all the homework is vary stressful on students. We need sleep to stay awake in school, but if we have stayed up all night doing our work, we are falling asleep. And when that happens, the students need coffee or soda or else they will fall asleep. But the soda or coffee makes you crash later. Plus, when students get so stressed out trying to get good grades by doing homework, the stress can get them sick .And all of this could have been avoided m causing less stress if we only didn’t have the homework. And my last point is, homework takes up way too much time. My math assignments alone take at least an hour. And then I still have to work on any assignments I might have in English or science. Plus I need to study for tests and quizzes. As I talked about earlier, students are too busy to spend so much time on homework. I often am working way into the night doing homework. In conclusion, I don’t mind having to study sometimes, but all the homework is too much. We have

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