Greatest Writing Experience

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My Greatest Writing Experience Thus Far Until recently, I never thought of writing as an enjoyable or therapeutic activity that I could use to help with any daily struggles I may be dealing with. However as I continue to grow older, I am becoming fonder of writing for fun. Whether it may be just to put my thoughts down onto paper, or wanting to write a story for entertainment, writing or typing in any form has proven to be beneficial to my journey through college. Growing up with a learning disability caused writing to be difficult, and sometimes a nearly impossible to think about having to begin such a tedious task. Having severe speech problems as a child, combined with handwriting and spelling issues, I found myself keeping more to my own thoughts and never being able to express my thoughts on paper. At the time, I did not have the ability to sort through my constructive thoughts or even put them on paper. Fortunately after I began going to The Shelton School, a private school for children and teens with learning differences, it was made clear that I should be put into extensive reading and speech classes with the hopes of helping with my struggles. Even though the classes did help me out tremendously with my struggles of spelling and speech, my issues with being able to sort through my jumbled thoughts were never addressed. When I eventually transferred to public schools, the issues that everyone overlooked because they were not an obvious problem for me really came back to haunt me when I was assigned any sort of extensive writing assignment. I continued to take reading classes in public school. Fortunately, I managed to get through my English classes and graduate high school never expecting to have to write any sort of paper again. While I thought that to be true for the first two years out of high school, that proved to be a poor mindset to have. June
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