Personal Narrative: Tourettes Syndrome

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March 7th, 2013 Day One: My diagnoses Why me? I can’t take this anymore. You probably wonder what I am talking about… Well, last night I was permanently diagnosed with tourettes syndrome. I mean yeah, I could have a much more serious disease, but this is really affecting my life style. My family started seeing symptoms a few weeks ago, not that I thought anything of it. They told me I kept blinking my eyes, over and over again, more than the average person would blink their eyes. I also had these random outbursts of shaking uncontrollably, but I always thought maybe I was hungry, or cold or something along those lines. I went through all of these symptoms to just find out the worst of it. When I told the doctor my symptoms, he did some research.…show more content…
I still sat there wondering how the core of my brain could possibly be damaged. I never hit my head, and if I did, it wasn’t hard. Then the doctor told me it could be hereditary. It still didn’t make sense because I didn’t know anyone in my family that had this disease, until my mom told me that my great grandmother had it, and of course I’m the first person to get it since she passed away. The doctor then continued to question me about my organization. Obviously, I don’t have autism, but apparently obsessive compulsive disorder is something that links to tourettes. I guess I never noticed it at first, but my room is organized by color, and it needs to be that way or I freak out… Maybe the stress puts pressure on my brain? Who knows? I try to write my journal entries to the best of my abailty because I cant see a lot fwhen I’m trying to wtite or type. My mom sometimes reads my entries, and she’ll tell me the mistakes I make because there tends to be a lot. To add on to my spelling ability, my grades have been slowly slipping. I have always tried my best at everything when it comes to school. Always had good grades, and even though the doctor told me tourettes would not affect my intelligence, it…show more content…
I’m too busy focusing on holding my tics back that learning is basically a second priority for me. The doctor currently has me on medication and I do behavior therapy to try and ease my tourettes disease. I feel like I am complaining so much, but I really shouldn’t be because tourettes does not even affect my life expectancy. It just affects my everyday life because I don’t know when a random twitch in my eye is going to occur, or let alone know what part of my body is going to twitch. It also stinks to think that I’m most likely going to have tourettes the rest of my life. Hopefully it will slowly fade away, but as of right now I know

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