Bugs O 'Bugs O' Bug Poem Analysis

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“Poetry shows the real side of a man” By: Austin Mosack Fifth Period E.L.A Table of Contents 1) Cover page 2) Title page 3) Table of contents 4) Haikus “Never Say Never” “Six Feet Under” “Bugs o’bugs” 5) Tankas “Replay” “Her” 6) Shape “My phone” 7) Pantoun “Rockstars” 8) Tritina “School” 9) Hymnal “My family” 10) Simile “T.A.K.S” 11) Ode “Ode to life” 12) Personnel poem “Kamry” 13) Dr. Jekyll poem 14) Biography 15) Blank Haikus Never Say Never Never say never God is like your best friend He listens to you Six Feet Under When times are bad Do not give up on yourself Bad leads on to good Bugs o’ Bugs Bugs o’ bugs I see Some are cool…show more content…
Carew Biography I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 29, 1995. When I was born, I was 9 pounds 2 ounces, and my doctor told my mother, “This is the future linebacker for the LSU tigers”. Ever since my mom told me that I have been trying to succeed that quote. And sure enough I am a linebacker, always will be, and hopefully I get a scholarship to LSU. About six years ago my uncle had broken his back. Yes, it was scary, but we all thought he was going to be okay because it wasn’t too serious. But we were all wrong when he got his surgery and nothing had happened. And that was the beginning of my uncle’s depressing life. He has had about ten surgeries since then and every time something has gone, for example his last surgery they put a shocker in his back. But sure enough they discovered that they had put it in backwards. In two weeks they are going back in and fix it. I can only pray that it will work and he will feel as little pain as possible. No one ever deserves to have the pain that he does. Every time I see him I shiver in my own pain of watching him. One time he had told me that he didn’t deserve to live, I screamed in my head and started crying. He deserves to live, everyone

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