Personal Narrative: My Mom's Surgery

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I kept rubbing my sweaty palms on my pants trying to get the tension and numbness out of my hands, and I waited patiently, every second felt like an hour. I watched my mom pace around the room until my head started to spin. I got that sick feeling in my stomach as if I ate too much sweet cake, and chugged down a whole bottle of Cola, and just wanted to throw up. The room was dead silent, all I could hear was breathing and swallowing on spit trying not to choke on it. The door slowly turned, it felt like a year for it to open. We all quickly stood up but to hear “Amira you will be needing surgery or you will be paralyzed in about six months to a year. With the surgery there is a 100% chance of things going right, and your legs not hurting again, 50% chance of stopping the paralyzation but your legs hurting, and you needing more surgeries later on, and 30% chance it going wrong and you being paralyzed,” said Dr. Guillaume in a very scratchy voice. At that moment I felt as if the sky had fallen on me. My mom’s face and eyes turned redder than blood that once dripped from my wrist. My dad was trying so hard to keep in the tears as he was trying to calm my mom down, in a shivering voice saying “Don’t cry it will all be okay.” At the…show more content…
When I came home, I had a whole pile of homework. I felt as if I missed all seventh, eight, and ninth grade doing all the homework, but in reality it was only a week and a half I missed. Therapy came twice a week, along with all the expensive bills for the surgery, medication, and all eight days I stayed at the hospital. The surgery went well, and better then the doctors expected. After the surgery I thought too my self, “How stupid was I for wanting to life a life like that?” I learned to be happy with what I have, and not want more because there are people out there who have nothing. And, that no matter what, family will always be

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