S Strengths and Weaknesses in Writing

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treI haven't written a paper in about 12 years. Since I've just recently gone back to school, I have found it very difficult. When I was in high school I really enjoyed reading and writing papers, I have lately found that i have a hard time expressing my words on paper. I really do not enjoy writing. I do not have any misconceptions about writing I'm just very out of practice and I'm sure with time it will become a lot easier and feel more natural. I need to focus on staying on topic, grammar and punctuation. I tend to go off topic once I get another idea something similar but not part of the idea I was going for in my paper. In order to improve this weakness is by keeping my ideas organize will help me stay on topic After reading chapter one it gave me a new motivation to learn about writing. I have always just gave myself the excuse that I am not a good writer and that’s how I am going to live. After reading chapter one I recognize that I have been letting myself live without giving myself a chance to catch up and learn what I need to know about the subject. After learning what is taught to me in this class I will need to keep using my new writing skills or they will be lost. My strengths are reading and understanding the assignment, typing the paper on the computer and generating creative writing skills. My weakness are using correct English grammar and punctuation, staying on topic and citing and references. I have found that if I type up an outline including the references it really helps me to stay on topic as well as giving the proper
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