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Literacy in My Life When I was young, my parents read to me a lot to help me read better for when I started school. Once I started school I was a pretty good reader but I was not very good with writing. The teachers would make us write all the time, and I thought it was useless. I am not a very good writer because I would choose to do the very least I could do to get by with writing prompts throughout my elementary and middle school years. In high school, I was worried about the writing test before and after I took the test. My grade was good but could have been better with more practice. In elementary school, I was just happy to finally get into the big kid school and then I realized all the reading and writing work I had to do all the…show more content…
I am pretty sure I failed the writing test in the seventh grade because I had to retake it and still barely passed. I never tried on any of the practice writing tests that we took and would have done better if I would have taken them more seriously. I never got any writing prompts that I enjoyed writing about, so I never tried on the prompts and disliked them a lot. In high school, teachers had me doing more with reading and writing to get ready for the tenth grade writing test. We had a couple practice writing tests and even though I tried I did not do very well on the tests. I was very nervous the day of the writing test, and I remember the prompt being pretty hard. When my teacher was calling out names to tell us our grades on the writing test, I was scared to know my score. It turned out I made a high three out of four, four being the best score to make. Throughout all my years of school with reading and writing, I never liked to read and write. I always put the least amount of effort into anything I could until it really mattered in high school. Making good grades was not always on the top of my list, but I would always try my best on my big

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