Personal Essay: Experiencing The American Dream

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Mary Nelson 9/18/15 Reading 54 The first time I was given this essay, so many things were roaming around my head like, not knowing what to write, other assignments, personal issues, including another essay that was assigned to me from my English class. After all the negative thoughts was roaming in my head I realized that I needed to pull myself together and that this isn’t a math class and that I do much better in reading and English except math, even though I’m a little rusty from not writing or reading for a long time. As I was doing research on the topic, I looked up the word Sporadic, the definition of sporadic means now and then. What’s sporadic is immigrants coming to the U.S to experience the American Dream, immigration isn’t just happening now, it has been happening back then too, and immigration will continue to live as long as were living. As Americans some of us take for granted our freedom, our dreams including being equal, and we take for granted achieving goals. Most Americans don’t realize how blessed we all are because people who aren’t fortunate, and who doesn’t have a good lifestyle and they have it worse. I know this because I see commercials on different countries and I know because I did some research on where I came from. The research I did was on Cambodia, and I researched on they are…show more content…
For instance before Tyra Banks became will know she started modeling at the age of fifteen and was the first African American women to get a role in a GQ magazine and was one of the original Victoria secret angels. In my opinion Tyra is my inspiration because I have heard in many of her shows on America’s Next Top Model (antm) that she tells the girls that she didn’t automatically become famous, she had to work her way up and she had a couple of no’s from people because she had

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