Illiteracy In America

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Modern America enjoys many benefits that have been created through the use of technology. The speed and ease that now exists for sharing information has positively contributed to daily life, but there is also a downside to our new instant gratification mentality. The use of technology has created another issue that literally risks America’s position in the world as the global economic leader. There is a growing issue with illiteracy in America. The use of technology is only one of contributing factors associated with this problem in children, teenagers, and even adults. Illiteracy in America is growing at an alarming rate. The other primary contributing factor to this grave issue is the state of public education and the structure of the curriculum in many school districts in America. I am very concerned about America’s future. It is so much easier to use abbreviations when you are texting or sending Email to friends. I remember many of my peers’ views on reading novels, biographies and autobiographies. They thought there were too many words in those books and they consistently opted for Cliff Notes instead of actually reading the assigned reading material. When I was in high school, there were so many students who slacked off and just wanted the answer handed to them. They never read their textbooks or other learning material and they consistently cheated their way through school. The teachers in my high school did not help much, either. They did not push students to try their hardest and they did not challenge us. In my opinion, most of the students in my graduating class were not prepared for the rigorous curriculum of college. We were simply taught to pass the TAKS test, through whatever means necessary. There was no emphasis put on reading to learn, and there was no supplementary material used to make the information we were learning relevant to our lives.
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