A Technology Dependent World

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Argumentative Essay Chantel Ross “A Technology Dependent World” Today’s society has advanced so much compared to the past decade. So much to the point we use it at a daily basis. Technology does have its perks, but are we getting too dependent on it? Technology has its advantages in many ways and I know firsthand how powerful and convenient today’s technology is. We are living in a society which is called "technologically civilized" society. Every small work we do is technology dependent. Today every other person is recognized with the device or gadget, he carries; which is technically advanced. Ultimately, we can say that,"living without technology is like living without air" in this technical world of today. Therefore, we are much dependent on technology. Our lifestyles have changed and still continue to change each time a new invention is created. Among the most influential are wheels, light bulbs, telephones, transportation vehicles, refrigerators, radios, televisions, plastics, and computers. The initial purpose of these inventions were to make work easier to do, be able to see in the dark with electricity, communicate more efficiently and quickly, and move all across the world at a faster pace. They’re many pros to our worlds technology but at the same time my cons. In our world because of technology we become lazy in everything we do because we rely on the internet to do the work for us and we also become obese due to all the games we’d rather play than enjoy fresh air. Technology is an amazing world of its own but if we over use it becomes a problem. Whatever happened to dictionaries or actual book, now all of those are offered off an app or the computer? Back when cell phones were barely around, when we did stuff ourselves. All of that is limited due to the advancements in everyday technology. On the flip side technology is a great help to us.
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