Does the Internet Make You Dumber?

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“Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” An interesting concept I like about Nicholas Carr’s article “Does the Internet Make You Dumber” is how people have unbelievably become reluctant to deeper thoughts and the use of the human brain. The 21st century man is gradually losing the ability to deeply focus on a given problem but instead, we tend to sort for help from the internet rather than the usage of the natural resource from the brain. To begin, technology and all other found equipment that makes human life easier was meaningfully created by man. This clearly displays that the human brain is way too smarter than technology itself and the mind can only be improved through deeper thinking and problem solving. I couldn’t agree more with Nicholas Carr that the internet distracts and interrupts our brain rendering it shallow. The persistent usage of the internet hurts our productivity at work, makes it tougher to filter out vital information and leads to scattered thinking. Even though, the internet allows us to collect information swiftly, increase various avenues of expression like the blogs, helps to socialize through Facebook, Twitter, but it also chips away our concentration in the sense that the mind now expects to take information the way the Net distributes it. We don’t want to think anymore but expects the internet to work harder rather than exploiting our brain. In a nutshell, the internet has overshadowed our other intellectual technologies. It has becoming our map and our clock, our printing press and our typewriter, our calculator and our telephone and our TV and radio. Internet is stealing the satisfaction of reading. Now, we skim the pages of our books, newspapers and journals for a general idea of the material, instead of reading for insight. Kids find it harder to use the library because it has become more and more difficult to retain concentration

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