Does The Internet Make You Dumber By Nicholas Carr Summary

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Jane Mukala Professor Hart ENG 101 March 18, 2015 Does The Internet Make You Dumber? Nicholas Carr argues that the internet has bad effects on the brain. He says that the internet makes it harder to remember anything, and that it is harder to move memories into long term memories. Carr thinks that by skimming information, it will diminish the ability to read long texts; I disagree with him because the internet makes actually makes us smarter and think accurate because we are aware of every little information around us. Carr thinks that excessive use of the internet might cause permanent changes to the way our brains work and we don’t have to remember as much, because we have RAM (Random Access Memory). Carr suggests that due to all the choices and distractions the internet provides its user whilst searching for information, it ‘turns us back to our native state of distractedness’ (Carr 373). Carr feels like due to the constant quick thinking skills that the internet demands us to have; we are losing our higher order cognitive abilities gained from focus reading such as from a book. Our ability to think in a creative and reflective way is diminishing. Carr feels the automatic way of thinking means we are ‘losing our mental discipline’ (Carr 375). Those who are continuously…show more content…
Most people find reading books easier so don’t some people like me because I prefer researching on the internet to searching for stuff in the library. Some people will support Carr by saying that the internet really makes us dumber but I’m on the opposite side because I defiantly think it makes as smarter especially with this technology that keeps improving as years come. All these things we have today and are able to access to will not be available without the internet because people or researchers wouldn’t have been able to get accurate information about what they were looking

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