Argumentative Paper: Technology

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In an ever advancing world, we are constantly being bombarded with new technology. One of the most life changing pieces of technology was the personal computer. Throughout the past decade computers have advanced even more and almost everyone has one of their own or access to one at places like a school or library. With the ability to obtain vast amounts of information so simply with just a few clicks, the computer seems like such a great object. Although the computer is fantastic in many ways and has helped improve civilization’s way of living, have people all over the world come to rely on this device too much? Computers make life far easier and many people living today probably could not function if they were sent back in time before computers were created. Although people are just taking advantage of the presence of this technology, people need to realize how to use it responsibly and not to overuse it. Computers let people communicate with each other in the blink of an eye. This revolutionary way of communication can help build relationships and bonds between people. This fast speed of communication will also help one broadcast them self, and allows them to do it almost as soon as whatever they are broadcasting took place. This new way of communication can only make the world a better place, by linking people together and telling them what they need to know as quickly as possible. Building relationships on the internet is dangerous. Anyone can be behind the computer you are engaging with. People may think that if they knew the person outside of the internet that they are safe from connecting with a stranger. This is not true, even if you think you know you are talking to a close friend a number of things could have gone wrong such as: simply taking down the wrong username, or as complex as a hacked computer. For this reason, computer communication can never
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