Is Google Making USupid Argumentative Essay

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Tevin Hutchinson 11/10/2012 English 102 Technology plays a huge role in our everyday life. I do believe that technology has made our lives easier, but it also has made us more dependent on the technology itself. When using the internet for a dictionary you could easily get distracted. Anyone can put anything on the internet, so what you find might not be accurate. Most people find that looking things up on the internet is distracting because you are already on the web so why not check YouTube for a funny video, or update your status on the social network. Is the advancing of our technology worth the making us dumber as Nicholas Carr states in his piece, "Is Google Making us Stupid?" We are live in a technologically civilized society.…show more content…
In some instances some could argue that technology is absolutely necessary. In health, technology has helped advanced like today a machine can assist a person in intensive care and monitor him, a job that had to be done manually before. In a way we are coming closer with the machines developed technically. The invention of the aspirin is another result of technology. Some might argue that the invention of aspirin has hurt the human body because it enables the body to heal the headache internally. Technology has made the ability to multitask functions in a single device. We can have multifunctional use a single device to anything we want it to do. We can talk on the cellphone while texting and surfing the web. The simpler the work gets with technology, the more we get dependent on it. In todays’ society, we could not find one single young child without using the available technology to him/her advantage/disadvantage. Technology made us dependent on it and we can't expect or imagine a life without using or even saying the word "technology". If becoming more tech stable makes your life easier than go for it but what happens if the energy

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