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Going to class without a book is a gigantic problem. Why go to class without a book? Would you go to work with the proper attire on? Statistics show that students who do not have the required materials, such as a book, are most likely to fail the course. The reasons some students do not have a book for class for a lack of funds, transportation, and motivation. First, some students are not completely prepared for class because they do not have the funds to purchase the required textbook. The most common reason for students having a lack of funds to purchase books is the fact that textbooks are so expensive. For example, at the Alabama State bookstore, a new Biology 127/128 lecture book will cost students $150.00. When students can purchase the exact same book on the Internet or in the collegiate bookstore for $80.00 to $95.00 that is a shame. Another reason that students have lack of funds for textbooks is they decide to spend their textbook money on miscellaneous items. Some students on the Alabama State campus will spend the funds that their parents or they set aside for textbooks to go do miscellaneous things such as go to the parties, buy groceries, going out to eat or the worse thing, buying new clothes. Next, some students do not have a textbook for class because they are irresponsible. For some strange reason, students act as if they do not need a textbook for the course. If students remember that they need a textbook, then they spend it on something they really do not need. Finally, students feel that having a textbook is not important. To illustrate, some students can go an entire semester without books and can still pass with the course with a B or C. Consequently, students do not have a book because of a lack of funds. Secondly, some students do not have books for class because they lack transportation. Some students on college campuses who do not have

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