Senior year a waste

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Senior Year Was a Waste When most people think of their senior year many thoughts come to their minds like: prom, homecoming, the sports they participated in, and friends that they loved to go out with. Although, these activates were enjoyable, they did not teach me anything. I think my senior year was a waste. Senior year was a waste of time because there are not many new lessons learned, and the few lessons that are taught you have to learn over in college. Academics in the last year of high school are pushed to the end of the list of importance; therefore, it makes academics unimportant. Senior year is a waste because by the time students are seniors they have already been accepted to the colleges and universities they want to go to or decided college is not for them at all. Senior year is a waste of time because most seniors focus on extra curricular activates instead of the new endeavor of going to college. Seniors are so focused on senior pranks than the thought that after senior year they will no longer be a child, and will have major responsibilities. Most seniors do not think about careers the last year of school, and definitely do not think of the next four to seven years they will spend preparing for one. Senior year is a waste because most seniors are not being prepared for what is to come after graduation. Seniors are held in high school another year so they can experience what is left of their childhood. If it was not for all the activities senior year, would senior year be important, would senior year still be a part of the high school curriculum? My senior year I evaluated these questions, and felt they were logical to ask. Senior year was a waste because it didn’t teach me anything new. Senior year was not educational, and not information filled. Although I loved having fun at school and enjoying my classmates I still feel that senior year was
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