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Introduction and American Indian Lecture Introduction Picture Icebreaker Purpose/Objectives of the Course Syllabus What is History? and American Indians Introduction: * Good morning/afternoon. Welcome to history 1301 or history before 1865. Everyone in the right place? Ok, good. * I look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll start with a brief introduction of myself and the course. * My name is Allie Kelley and I specialize in 19th U. S. military history. * I am a firm believer that history is incredibly important for both people and a nation. * Pause for a second and pretend that you forgot everything that ever happened to you before you walked into this classroom.…show more content…
This class moves too fast and has enough work without extra credit. * The pace of the class also makes it too difficult to have late work of make-up work, so there is none. Plus, since I drop you lowest essay scores and your lowest exercise scores I think it’s fair. If you miss one, that just becomes the one of the dropped ones. * Attendance * I have to call roll for the first couple of days for administrative purposes, but I will not take formal attendance. * You’re adults and you can make your own decisions about coming to class; plus I get that things happen sometimes. * Just know that you should try to be in class as much as possible because: * You will miss notes and about 70% of the exams come from lecture * You also risk missing exercises/daily work, which cannot be made up * Blackboard * Syllabus, handouts, exam reviews, study materials, and your grades will be posted here * Note, Blackboard Grades tries to give a calculated total, but this is inaccurate because I have to drop grades * Everyone familiar with how BB works? (need to pull it up and show…show more content…
* If you would like assistance with note taking come talk to me and I’ll help you out. * Everyone got the outline down? Alright let’s dive in. A. Context: What is history? * In a nutshell: history is an attempt to understand and explain the past * Context- historians, of course, don’t begin at the dawn of time every time the write something, so they set the stage before launching into narratives, which is what we call context. * Evidence- historians must also rely on evidence (i. e. proof) like documents to support their ideas, or they’re just telling stories * Interpretations- this results in numerous interpretations, because different people see different things in the sources * And these Interpretations can and often do change over time based on various things * For instance, new evidence will push people to reconsidered ideas * Like how and when Indians came to America * Initially, historians thought that Asian nomads came to North America about 13,500 years ago over an ice bridge from Siberia to Alaska and then fanned out across the continent. They were then isolated when the ice age ended and watered covered the Bering Strait 9,500 years

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