Personal Narrative: My Story Of A Native American

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Every one has a story. A timeline of events that leads them to where they now stand. Everyone's story is different and no one but themselves know exactly how they felt at a particular time and place. My story starts in a town called McAllen Texas. A city that has grown to be very populated due to immigrants that come from Mexico given the fact that it is roughly ten miles away from the Mexican border. I grew up in a bilingual home. My father was a white man or a gringo as the hispanic community called him and my mother of rich Mexican blood, born and raised in San Luis, Potosi. I'm a child out of three; I have a younger sister which is seven years old and an older brother which is twenty-four years old. Which leaves me right in the middle and…show more content…
Walking off the bus nervous and excited about what was to come. Real sports, challenging classes and the different teachers i was going to have. All my classes were advanced placement and the people around me were not familiar faces since all incoming sixth graders came from different elementary's in the area. I felt alone for the very first time in my life. I tried to keep focus but my solitude was starting to become unbearable. Yes there were many students around but they all seemed to have their own network since they knew their classmates from their previous schools while all of my friends were in regular ed classes. I started to rebel and slacked off so much that teachers began to wonder why i was in a advanced class since they thought i couldn't hack their work load when in reality all i wanted to do was be placed in regular ed just to be with my friends. Odd and dumb reason, i know but I didn't know that at the time. Eventually I was moved from classes due to my insubordination and i was content at the time. In seventh grade I was still identified as a "Gifted and Talented" student but was in regular ed classes. My rebellion that year was much worse than the year before. It was mainly caused by the people I would hangout with and of course myself for letting myself be influenced by them. I started skipping class, leaving the campus and just generally not caring about my education. That soon got to my parents ears and it started creating problems at home. My parents began to see me differently. They didn't trust me as much took away my privileges such as using the phone and going out to my friends house. At the time i though being a rebel and disrespecting was "cool" i have no idea what i was thinking if everything just began to go downhill from there. My attendance record soon caught up to me and my parents received a letter from court summoning me to appear before a judge for lack of attendance.

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