Middle School Stereotypes

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Middle school was the worst years of my school career. It is a place where one cannot be true to who they are. Whether it be because they haven’t established their own style or they are scared of other students thoughts. In addition it is the transition from elementary to a school with the whole town, not just the kids who lived in your area. A lot more responsibilities are expected from us at such a young age, yet we are still very immature. Lastly, challenged academically with more classes and electives, trying to expand our minds. While at the same time we are caught up in our first crushes because we are starting to enter puberty, to say the least. I remember being so intimidated the first year, because when I was in 6th grade, all the…show more content…
This really bugged me because I never experienced anything like this, in elementary everyone wanted to be in band. Also, this was when kids started to date, so many kids including myself felt obligated to try and talk to girls. In the process cliques were being created, so this was when kids found their style. I could not stand any of my teachers in middle school. I felt like they all tried to intimidate us about junior high school. Always reminding us that we are “up a creak without a paddle” trying to make us work harder. I also didn’t enjoy class because of the environment; our freedom was restricted due to the bubble of protection around us. Thinking about it now I feel as though the staff was over bearing trying to mature us to quickly. Overall middle school was the worst two years of my life. It was the stage of immaturity, peer pressure, confusion and overprotection. I would do anything not to go back and just skip through everything because I became who I am now in the next five years of my life. Those two years were a waste of time because we all tried to be kids who were cool and hip, now realizing what really mattered. Being

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