The Catcher In The Rye Epilogue Analysis

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in Epilogue Well, I know you want to know what happened after me and Pheobe left the zoo. Yes, I went back home like I said I was. I really did, and boy did my father put a beating on me. He beat me so bad I wish he would have killed me. He wasn’t going to stop for a long while but luckily, Pheobe cried enough that he finally stopped. After he was done with me, I had to calm Pheobe down because she was still crying. She really was. Then what was even worse, he already knew I was kicked out of Pencey so I couldn’t even try to lie. So the bastard enrolled me into another school, but that didn’t go all well either and I ended up running away. I felt kind of a bastard myself because I told Pheobe I was coming back to stay but I ended up leaving…show more content…
“Hi Holden, my name is George.” Said the one who looked like Allie. “My name is Suzie.” The other one said. I shook both of their hands and I walked inside the house. Their house was really nice, it really was. Their living room was my kitchen and my bedroom all in one. I asked her what she did for a living and she told me she worked in the Hollywood business. I couldn’t believe it. This nice old lady is a goddamn phony! “Kids, food is on the table. That includes you too Holden.” I walked in the kitchen and sat down at the table. She cooked pot roast and it was very nice. Well, basically making a long story short, I ended up staying there and I finished high school and college majoring in writing. As soon as I was about to publish my first book, “How to Live With Phony’s” I became very ill and was told that I had lung cancer. I went through many treatments but I still didn’t get better. While I was in the hospital, you would never guess who was working there. Jane Gallagher. I couldn’t believe my goddamn eyes. We ended up talking and a few weeks after I was released out the hospital, we ended up dating. Three months later we got married and I finally published my book. We’ve been together for about four years now and have a daughter named Hazel Caulfield. I’m currently writing my second book, “The

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