My Life Changing Event

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Ay life changing event was when I become a mom in high school. It was the summer when I was thirteen years old. I met this fantastic guy (so I thought.) We met at a party for the car club we belonged to. We began spending everyday together, it was great. After two years of dating I got pregnant with our beautiful daughter. I got so sick I almost lost her at three months, then again at seven months. I had toxemia so I spent a lot of the time in the hospital. I had to go on independent study because I was bedridden. I started getting really sick again so I went to the hospital and by the middle of April they said they would have to take her. I was scared. I didn’t know if she would live or not. She was born April 21, 1993 weighing only three pounds fourteen ounces and was sixteen and a half inches long. She was a preemie. When I held her it was like holding a baby doll. After a brief stay (2 weeks) in the hospital she came home. Her father moved in with me to my parent’s house. I graduated with A’s and B’s, which was hard. In the next three years we had two more kids. Then he started acting funny. He couldn’t hold a job down for more than a month. It got to the point where we were living together with other people. I finally left him and packed up all of the kids stuff. Fast forwarding to two thousand I had my own place, was working two jobs, going to school full time, and yes, being a single mom with three little kids ages: 3, 4, 6. Their father hardly ever came around. Then one day he and his new girlfriend called Child Protection Services on me. They removed the kids to investigate and couldn’t find anything. When they returned the kids to me I moved back to safety, at home with my dad. We stayed in the same house (where they were born and raised) until two thousand and nine. At which point I decided to move to Utah. I not only left there with my kids, but

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