My Life and the Way It Relates to a Movie

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My Life and the way It relates to Madea’s Big Happy Family The Tyler Perry Movie Madea’s Big Happy Family bring a lot of memories back for me. I can relate to that movie tremendously. I can relate to the way the mother of the family tries to keep the family together, how there is always one family member that always think that they are better than the rest and it took the death of the mother for the family to get closer. Some of the events that took place in the movie are similar to some of the events that has happen in my life. For instance, the mother of the family but in my case would be the grandmother was the back bone of the family. My Grandmother Anna (R.I.P) was the one that when the family seems liked it was being torn apart she knew exactly what to do to bring it back together again. She was the one that when you was in trouble, all you had to do was pick up the phone and call her. Everybody would come to my grandmother for advice and she did her best to give out the wisest answer. In the movie the mother would cook dinner and invite everyone over to eat to try and get some kind of peace. Like the mother in the movie my grandmother raised a grandchild like it was her own child. Of course in this case I’m the grandchild that my grandmother helped raised. In the movie there was always that one family member that thought they were better that the rest of the family. Well yes I have one of them in my family. My Auntie, I love her to death but she is one of those people that let money take control of her life. Just like the evil daughter in the movie, my auntie never wants to come to family functions she always has an excuse or if she do come she shows up late when everything is about over with. My auntie has one son, who the family barley sees. At the end of the movie that mother dies and she asks for this one daughter that thinks she is better than

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