My View of Sociology and Suicide

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My View Of Sociology and Suicide Our fourteen year old son has struggled with severe depression and made an attempt to take his own life. We have him hospitalized in a long-term mental hospital. It has been the hardest time for our family as we try hard to understand why that he is suicidal The theorist that best supports my view of Sociology is Emile Durkheim, because his theory has opened my eyes to why suicide occurs, therefore, it has helped me to understand my son’s reasoning for his suicidal ideation. My deployment to Iraq had a toxic like effect on our son. He watched as I left and almost immediately, like the flip of a switch, was overcome with fear. His year started out with problems stemming from this fear, including being suspended from school and having failing grades. The emotions that he was having due to war had become his existence. We had no ideal just how bad that this would get. My wife would send me emails stating that Rex was not well. She was very aware of the severity and sought out help from the school. She was sadly turned away, because they did not have a counselor to provide the deployment group counseling that is needed at times of war. She was in a battle of her own that I would not fully understand for seven months. I came time for my something that I had dreamed of. My wife picked me up at the airport, hugged, kissed me and burst into tears. She could not hold it back anymore; our son’s mental health had taken a turn for the worst. She tried to stay positive, not trying to worry me too much. Looking at my wife on this ride home, as she cried, I knew that our time would be spent trying to get through to our son and fixing the problems. I surprised him at his after school program. He ran crying to me, held me very tight and apologized for not being the man of the house. I stepped back and looked at

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