Character Analysis Of Jimmy In A Place To Stand

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In the first seven chapters of A Place to Stand Jimmy had many relationships between a lot of people. And during this process of progressing in life, he learned that not all relationships are great. Most of his relationships between his Family, Friends, Girlfriends, and others that just happened because they were there at the moment seem to always affect Jimmy in his life dramatically. Jimmy’s relationship between his parents was not like the regular father, mother, and son relationship. His father was an alcoholic and wouldn’t come home for days. He would attract woman and was known as a womanizer and his mother was a very beautiful woman who had three kids including him self. He had a brother named Meiyo and a sister names Martina. Him…show more content…
He never went to school and stayed at home with his mother and his father was never around. His father was an alcoholic and his parent’s relationship was breaking apart right in front of his. He saw and met the man that his mother abandoned her children and husband for to start a new life because she deserved more. He lived with his Grandmother and Grandfather, and Him and his Grandfather were extremely close. As he had gotten older, he grandfather had passed away and was completely devastated. While him and his brother, Meiyo, left to St. Anthony’s Orphanage. He was only seven. At the orphanage he was separated from Meiyo because of the age difference. Jimmy didn’t want to be there no longer and kept on running away until his Aunt Charlotte signed him over to a detention center because no one wanted to take him and care for him. He registered and went to high school and eventually dropped out because he didn’t feel accepted in the type of environment. He got into a relationship with a young girl name Teresa. That was his first love and it was a very dysfunctional relationship. He had left to San Diego to start a new life and meet Marcos, His best friend, and Lonnie. Marcos and Jimmy had gone to jail for getting caught trying to ship weed and had gotten into some fights. But it wasn’t anything new for Jimmy since he had been in and out jail. Galvan was a drug dealer they had began to sell for and were always around…show more content…
Since he was born, they had decided he wasn’t going to stay at home, that he would just be at home. Even while he was living with his grandparents. When he had went St. Anthony’s he wasn’t old enough for him to go to school so he had stayed there with the other kids while his brother Meiyo had went. When he was living at the detention center they had registered him into high school but he didn’t know how to read or write. He was ashamed, embarrassed, and didn’t tell anyone and just failed all his classes. He was introduced to football and that was the only reason he had went to school. Until Coach Tracy had invited him to come over for the weekend, this was the process of leaving the detention center to live with another family. Jimmy had dropped out of school before he could give an answer because he didn’t want to betray his Mexican ways, such as what his father and grandfather had said, by going with the “White Man”. He left to San Diego to work and live a new life but got caught up by selling drugs and was eventually thrown into Prison by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. While in prison, this was the first time that Jimmy was learned to read. He had pronounced the words and used the words as pictures. He had stolen a book from a girl named Tara, who was a Liberian at the jail he was being held at before his sentencing. He was sent to jail and while he was in there he wanted to get his GED. He was in the process

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